healthy and safely dry your hair and have your hands free.
Dry hair and put makeup on

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4 Towels set

Colors in the set:

Red, White sea shell, Blue and Purple

Hair towel wrap good for kitchen

About our towels

Wrap Hair Towels are made from high quality fabric and are drying the hair quickly and healthy eliminating the need of using a hair drier or rubbing the hair with regular towel.

Using wrap towels reduces hair frizz and also make you free to be active while the hair dries. Do Makeup, Get Dressed or Whatever

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Why use wrap towels ?

Be Free

Do Makeup, Get Dressed or Whatever you need around the house

No Hair Damage

Drying the hair with hair drier or rubbing it with regular towel may cause damage to the hair

Easy to use

  1. When finish shower and use your regular towel to dry yourself and hair or gently squeeze it with you hands so it doesn’t drip.
  2. Bend to make your hair hang down, put hair towel on your head (the end with button)
  3. Wrap your hair with the hanging part of the towel
  4. Pull up the secure loop across your head and fix it under the secure button

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Fast drying hair towel


These hair wraps work just perfectly! I get done washing my hair, and wrap my hair up in these towels while I finish washing my face etc and they keep my hair out of the way. I used to use a towel wrapped around my head but the towel would always fall off as I moved around but these keep everything wrapped up in this pretty colored towel wrap. I would definitely recommend. In fact I am going to buy more for the other women in my family.


Works great for my kids


Absorbent, easy to use. I was initially concerned about the button closure because of arthritis, but it was no problem at all. Well made, a good value for the price. I would definitely recommend and buy again.


I liked this towel because I was able to get all my shoulder length hair into the towel.


I love this product. It definitely keeps all your hairs inside of the towel wrap and drys up hair

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